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The MGA Double Camera Sports Auto

The MGA Double Camera Sports Auto

It utilized 2 1.75 inch SU carburetors on the LHS of the engine, as well as there was a brand-new manifold with different down pipelines for each and every cyndrical tube

  • The last roadster to make use of a twin webcam engine was the MG PB, back in 1936.
  • This was because of that the extraordinarily high compression needed excellent ignition timing combined with using the highest octane gas.
  • The twin expenses camshafts were placed within a light alloy cross circulation cyndrical tube head, and also the hemispherical burning chambers utilized 2 shutoffs each cyndrical tube, as well as were utilized to develop the really high compression proportion of 9.9:1.
  • One option that was used was to minimize the compression proportion from 9.9 to 8.3:1, which reduced power to 100 bhp in this reduced compression variation which was presented in the future.
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